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From Agents to Managers to Producers, every set of eyes on your script counts when it comes to film industry professionals reading it. As a means to hone your screenwriting craft as well as gauge industry response to your screenplay, Scriptapalooza Coverage Service is the indispensable first step in getting your script to the level it needs to be at before it goes out to the industry. Don’t write another page without us.

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Why Choose Us?
We Are Trusted
Writers who choose Scriptapalooza Coverage feel confident.
20+ Years
of Experience
Our analysts have been in the business for years, they are thorough, detail-oriented and professional.
No Hidden Costs
As a benefit to our writers, Scriptapalooza connects those scripts that do get a RECOMMEND for no extra costs.
You Wrote It,
You Own It
At no point, do you give up your rights to your script.
What is Coverage?
Coverage is a tool used in the industry as a way to weed out the hundreds of screenplays that pass over an agent or executive's desk on any given day. An industry executive will have their reader read a script and return a coverage report for them as a means to have a quick overview look at a script without the executive having to read it in its entirety.
Why Should
I Do It?
The priceless feedback a professional reader can give the writer as it relates to their script cannot be found in any screenwriting book. You may know the basics, but how to apply your story within that framework is the difference between an attention-grabbing script and one that misses the mark entirely and is passed over.
I really recommend the Scriptapalooza Coverage Service, which is not only great value for money, but it will improve your script immensely.
- Michael Tchoubouroff
There's simply no better way to find out how your script reads to industry professionals than by submitting to Scriptapalooza for coverage.
- Mark Vickery
Scriptapalooza Coverage has been an integral part of my effort to become a better writer. I know I can count on their readers for honest and expert analysis.
- John Keckhaver
Just used the proofreading service for the first time and was very pleased. Screenwriting is all about the little things.
- Paul F. Longo
Thanks for the great coverage on my first twenty pages. It was simply amazing that I got so much detail and direction.
- Taylor Albertson
By far the most useful and helpful feedback and boon for my script, 
this coverage was exactly what I needed.
- Mauro Ferritto
Thank you for the excellent feedback. It showed me what the script did right, and made excellent points about what needs to be improved.
- Miguel Almendarez
Thanks for forwarding the feedback. It is extremely helpful, but most importantly, it shed light on dim corners of my writing brain.
- Sandra Bolton
Very happy with the coverage that I received from you. The analyst was very helpful and explained what I needed to know in a positive manner.
- Nancy Parten
I wasn't certain that ordering the feedback would be worth it, but this is exceptionally helpful. Thanks Scriptapalooza!
- Matt Potter
The developmental coverage was the best money I have spent since buying my screenwriting software.
- Shaun Raad
Having received my script coverage from the Scriptapalooza Competition, I wanted to say that it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!
- Austin Roberts
Scriptapalooza provided the best feedback! Their assessment assisted my script more than any other feedback from professionals and I've received many.
- S.G. Savage
We were reaching the point where we had to decide on the best strategy for our TV series, and Scriptapalooza's coverage helped us in setting our next step.
- Mériadec Perrin
There is no greater way to judge the quality of your script than to have a total stranger do coverage. I insist on running all submissions through Scriptapalooza.
- Dan Lantz, Producer
Scriptapalooza is an invaluable resource that pairs writers with experienced readers that provide knowledge of structure, format and storytelling that allows you to effectively evaluate your passion project.
- Eric Warren
Very happy with Scriptapalooza's coverage! They gave me great ideas and even better, got back to me right away with answers to some follow up questions I had.
- Danny Swanson
I seek feedback from competitions and have found Scriptapalooza Coverage the most helpful. The analyst not only gives an overall score on different elements of the script, but also on me as a writer.
- Connie Weidel
Scriptapalooza Coverage is the real deal. They don't flatter you in the hopes of getting more of your business. They give you honest, tough coverage, which is what I want for my hard-earned money.
- James Klein
Wish I would've heard about Scriptapalooza years ago. Would've saved myself years of aggravation, grief and thousands of dollars. Their Complete Studio Development Package is the best!
- Jess Banda
The feedback on my script was extensive. Their notes and suggestions were constructive and clearly indicated the reader had studied my script and understood my intent. Worth every penny!
- David Seropian
My analyst understands where I'm coming from, and helps me get there. Never tries to rewrite my script his/ her way.
- Edwin Turner
The coverage saved me immense time and money by giving me objective insight into the strengths and weaknesses.
- Aaron Harvey
My Scriptapalooza coverage was thorough and honest, and helped me do a much better rewrite of my script.
- Mark Nahuysen
Scriptapalooza gave me my first coverage ever. It was well constructive and informative.
- Jeff Blixrud
To have an industry professional evaluate your screenplay is invaluable. It turned my script around!
- Gary Loderhose
Scriptapalooza’s coverage improved the flow and imagery as well as making the plot of my screenplay tighter.
- Gene Desrochers
Scriptapalooza spotted several areas in my script that needed rewriting or editing. Sometimes just a few different word suggestions made a huge difference.
- Rick Blakinship
I recommend Scriptapalooza if you want an honest, assessment of your script and then improving it in order for your project to begin opening many doors.
- Michael J. Shapiro
The feedback gave me a roadmap to carry out my rewrite. I'm so glad I did it. Knowing what works and what still needs work was invaluable for me.
- Joe Farr
My coverage pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in a way that made sense. It helped me realize my final draft faster than I would have without their feedback.
- Erin Elizabeth Keefer

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Newly launched division by Scriptapalooza branched out and is currently producing films. The relationships we have built over the years has given us the ability to attach funds and talent to certain projects. Shorts and features are our focus. We are proud to be part of the following amazing films by talented storytellers.

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